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The Advanced Job Board You’ve Been Looking For

At JobsRUs, we know one of the biggest difficulties with turnover is finding the best candidates to fill positions. Once you have a knowledgeable, experienced, and eager employee on board, it’s easy to get up to speed and hit the ground running. The trick is finding the perfect employee in a sea of potential candidates.

While modern technology has opened the door to greater connectivity, allowing employers expanded reach when it comes to finding prospective hires, it has also resulted in mountains of applications and resumes, leaving hiring managers with the overwhelming task of sifting through applicants to weed out unqualified candidates. It’s no easier for job seekers, either, who may scroll through hundreds of job postings to find the diamond in the rough among all the spam. How can JobsRUs help?

We’re a modern job board and job search engine offering free and sponsored job posting opportunities for employers, agencies, or recruiters, based on a cost-effective, pay-per-click (PPC) model. Our goal is to provide employers with the necessary exposure and visibility to get their jobs seen by the right job seekers, providing the means to quickly and successfully convert applicants into hires.

However, we put equal focus on making it easy for applicants to find a job, as well. Employers and job seekers are two sides of the same coin, and it’s essential for a job board to entice both quality listings and quality candidates in order to symbiotically serve both groups.

This is why we provide an online platform where job seekers can quickly and effectively search for specific job types and easily apply to attractive positions. JobsRUs features a diverse selection of full time, part time, permanent and temporary job opportunities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Time is money, and many companies waste both in their search for ideal candidates. The longer job seekers spend sifting through spam to find valid job opportunities, the more paychecks they miss. JobsRUs streamlines the process on both sides, removing pain points that leave both employers and applicants frustrated, and paving the way to quality postings and applications that ensure mutually beneficial hiring.

Affordable, Effective Job Listings

For many businesses, sifting through hundreds or thousands of applications simply isn’t feasible, but paying for half a dozen job boards can be incredibly expensive. What can you do to save time and money? JobsRUs offers the ideal solution with the easy, cost-effective way to post jobs and connect with qualified candidates

For starters, you can take advantage of our free job postings, and there’s no limit to how many positions you can list at any given time. Whether you’re filling a few positions or expanding to a new location where you have to fill hundreds of full time jobs, you can use the free organic placement on JobsRUs to post them all.

That said, you may decide that you prefer increased visibility. If so, you can take advantage of our sponsored campaigns, where your jobs will get pushed to multiple partner networks for a base price of just $0.40 per click. You never pay unless a job seeker clicks through to learn more about your offered position.

When you’re looking for cost-effective alternatives, it’s hard to argue with the appeal of the pay-as-you-go model offered by JobsRUs, but we believe you deserve more. While you can always post jobs manually, we can also set up a free feed from your company career page that updates multiple times daily, ensuring the most up-to-date information is always available to candidates seeking jobs.

In addition, qualified candidates can apply through our job board or we can direct them to your website to learn more and apply. With our messaging platform, you can quickly respond to favored candidates, sealing the deal before they pursue other opportunities, and our database allows for easy applicant management. You’ll also appreciate tools that help you control your budget, as well as our analytics dashboard, where you can track job activity and spend.

JobsRUs is pleased to offer all of our outstanding services on a pay-as-you-go basis for your comfort and convenience. Our job board is contract-free, so you can start and stop as needed to fill open positions with ease.

Find a Job Fast with Our Easy Application Process

Are you tired of spending hours creating job profiles only to be bombarded by positions that don’t match your skillset or search parameters at all? You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and the last thing you need when you’re seeking work is to waste time applying to positions that you don’t want or can’t hope to compete for.

At JobsRUs, we want to remove the hassle and heartache associated with modern job hunting and infuse the process with all the excitement of finding a new position that’s perfect for you. Discovering your bright future starts with our easy job search.

All you have to do is enter the “what” and “where” of your job search. The “what” could be a job title, a company name, or a keyword related to the industry you’re interested in or a particular skill set. The “where” is anywhere across the U.S. or Canada, including a city, state, and/or zip code.

You can also filter results by job sources, companies, locations, job title, and distance from your preferred zip code. From there, you can start to narrow your search to the most suitable and desirable job listings, so you can begin the application process.

What’s great about JobsRUs is that you don’t have to create an exhaustive and detailed profile just to look at the jobs we have to offer. Even better, a profile is not required to apply for jobs. Unlike competitors, we don’t want to waste your time with needless information gathering.

Once you’ve reviewed available full time or part time jobs to ensure that they match your skill set, location, desired compensation and hours, and other preferences, you can simply click “apply now” to start the application process. In many cases, you just have to fill out the quick and easy application provided by JobsRUs. If employers require that you apply directly through their website, we’ll redirect for your convenience.

If you fill out a JobsRUs application, we’ll keep it on file for future reference. This gives you the option to choose “quick apply”, using your existing application, or fill out an updated version if you deem it necessary. Once your JobsRUs resume is complete, it will be sent to your desired employer, who can contact you directly about the position.

Diverse Opportunities for Businesses and Candidates

Many job boards are tailored to a specific industry or trade. At JobsRUs, we don’t want to limit opportunities to find work, which is why we actively court companies from all types of industries, from trade and industrial, to clerical and administrative, and so many more. Whether you’re looking to advance in your field or you simply want a change, JobsRUs uses job board aggregation to deliver job postings for open positions in companies large and small. Maybe opportunities for advancement are scarce at your current company, and you’re interested in joining a larger venture to move your career forward.

Perhaps you’re tired of the corporate grind and you’re looking to work with a smaller team at a startup so you can branch out and make the most of your diverse skill set. JobsRUs is committed to providing a diverse selection of jobs that spans endless industries and fields, ensuring that every job seeker has the best chance to find the perfect fit.

Our approach is a boon to businesses, as well. With a wide range of applicants seeking jobs on our platform, your company has the opportunity to get open positions in front of a larger field of qualified candidates, ensuring that full time and part time jobs are filled faster, and more importantly, by the ideal candidate.

What Makes JobsRUs the Best Job Board and Job Search Engine?

At JobsRUs, our team is composed of qualified professionals with years of combined experience connecting businesses with qualified candidates, and job seekers with quality positions. This background has given us the expertise and insights needed to streamline the hiring process with tools and processes that save both companies and candidates time and money.

Free job listings deliver organic response, while sponsored campaigns are reposted to partner sites, offering increased visibility and a convenient, one-stop-shopping experience that automates the job posting process. Control your spending and see results when you post with JobsRUs.

As for job seekers, we proudly offer valid, active listings and an easy and effective search platform. There’s no need to waste your time on an exhaustive profile – just fill out our quick application when you find a position that interests you. With jobs available in a diverse range of industries, every job seeker will find opportunities to thrive on JobsRUs.

Although JobsRUs is a new kind of job board, we’re not new to the industry, which means you’ll gain all of our expertise while enjoying less competition. Companies will gain access to the best candidates for their listings, while competitors waste time and money on older job sites that are flooded with similar postings. Job seekers will find the temporary, permanent, part time, and full time jobs that meet their criteria, providing outstanding opportunities to advance in their chosen field.

JobsRUs is the modern, convenient, efficient, and effective way for companies to post jobs and find the best candidates, and for job seekers to discover the exciting opportunities to advance their careers with desirable positions from renowned employers.