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Mira Loma, California, US
1 Year
$10.76 / HR
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CorTech is looking to hire a Welder in Mira Loma, CA.

1. Operates projection tube and collar welder to weld components such as carrying handle lugs, confiners, hanger attachments, collars, and bottoms to extinguisher shells. Sets up SY welders by sight-setting of torch and wire projections, adjusting gas, wire feed speeds, amperages and voltages, setting welding overlap for various size Red Line and SY Shells. Using hand tools attaches fixtures to each machine during size changeovers. 2. Using a shear cuts sheet steel to proper size for fabricating 10, 20 and 30 pound shells. Rolls cut steel into tubular shapes, insuring proper overlap. Adjusts both shear and roller when size of shell changes and steel varies uniformity. 3. Operates a seam welder and planisher to fabricate 10, 20 and 30 pound shells. Using hand tools sets up both machines when shell requirement change, by removal of the mandrel, adjusting arms, adjusting stops, etc. Utilizes expander to test and check seam weld. 4. Operates welders to weld red Line, 101 and JOY shell spuds and bottoms. Using hand tools sets up spud, collar and bottom welders when shell size requirements change. Adjusts welding head angles, wire feed, weld speeds, voltages and amperages and gases as necessary for welding of JOY and Red Line shells. 5. Hydrostatically tests extinguishers by plugging shell openings and filling each shell with water and pressurizing to specifications and time. Visually check each shell for leaks and identifies then by marking the location of leak. 6. Placing metal components into fixtures and using wire feed welder, welds a variety of 10, 20 and 30 pound brackets. Adjusts welder, voltage, wire feed, etc, as conditions vary, using MIG welder. 7. Using arc wire feed and heli-arc welders, repairs rejected extinguishers. Salvage operations include silver soldering, annealing and brazing. Repairs fixtures, jigs, metal conditioning baskets. Builds up spinning blocks. Occasionally is called to help Maintenance with welding requirements as well as the Tool Room. Uses grinding wheels wire brushes and belt grinders and sanders to smooth welded surfaces. 8. Sets up cartridge welder by adjusting automatic feeder to cartridge size, sets gas and positions welding torch and wire to insure proper weld. Also adjusts automatic shut-off to insure proper overlap and torch angle. Operates cartridge welder by visually inspecting cartridge and closure before fitting and feeding into automatic loader.
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