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Parts Washer 1st Shift
Alpharetta, GA
6+ Months
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Part Washer Technician for 1st Shift: Monday-Thursday 6:30 AM – 5:00 PM
A part washer technician will have knowledge to operate various part washers including manual part washer, automatic part washer, and pressure washer.

Job Description:
Operate manual part washer, automatic part washer, and pressure washer.
Safely load and unload parts from part washers.
Ability to use/operate crane and other washer station equipment to load and unload heavy parts.
Inspect parts and components as they come off the washer to ensure that quality standards are met.
Perform level one preventative maintenance on washer machines according to our preventative maintenance schedule.
Ability to stand and/or walk constantly over a full work shift
Attention to detail
Self Motivated
Communicate effectively

· HS diploma or equivalent
· Ability to physically lift 35 pounds
· Ability to communicate effectively in English (read, speak, write)
· Ability to collaborate successfully in a team-oriented environment
· Ability to learn and process information quickly and execute tasks successfully
· Ability to work safely and to operate power tools and equipment in a safe manner

**Please do NOT submit previously rejected or interviewed candidates

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